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DYRESKINN® is the Norwegian word for animal fur. Inspired by Scandinavian interior designers, we started producing ecologically tanned sheepskins. The warm, comfortable and fresh atmosphere created by these designers really appealed to us. Atmosphere in the right place and at the right time. Animal furs are ideally suited to give a certain space more comfort and color.

The unique thing about animal furs that appeals to us so much is that it is a natural product. No fur is the same, all animals are unique and you will therefore never have the exact same fur as someone else in the house. A cow or sheepskin gives your living room, bedroom or baby room a unique and pleasant look!

The DYRESKINN® furs come from Dutch, German, English and Scandinavian animals. The fur is a residual product, just like everything else that cannot be consumed. The sheep, cows and other animals are not killed specifically for the fur. The sheep have had a free life. After all, sheep are living lawnmowers, they are meadow animals that also generate living money. You regularly see them grazing along the highways, they roam freely in the meadow, never in a stable.

DYRESKINN® offers animal furs at a favourable price, making it an affordable accessory for your home, garden or for your business.

DYRESKINN® aims to continuously innovate, to optimize the production method and to manage this process as environmentally friendly as possible is one of the constant points for improvement. Production within Europe is therefore one of the most important things.

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